TimeTraq Tutorials

TimeTraq Tutorials

Starting out with any new software application can be a challenge, to say the least. To help users get started using TimeTraq, several tutorials were created to demonstrate step-by-step how to use TimeTraq's functionality.  How users work with TimeTraq depends very much on their role(s); therefore, TimeTraq's tutorials are organized accordingly.



Entering and Submitting Simple Timesheets
Entering and Submitting Projects-based Timesheets
Quick Tips for Employees


Approving Timesheets
Reviewing Timesheets
Editing and Submitting Timesheets
Quick Tips for Managers

Department Administrator

Setting Up New Employees
Managing a Department's Projects
Assigning Projects to New Employees
Working with Shared Projects
Quick Tips for Administrators

Department Approver

Approving an Adloc's Timesheets

Central Administrator

Activating Adlocs
Working with Shared Projects
Quick Tips for Administrators

Payroll Approver

Approving a Workstation's Timesheets

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